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Services from MLC Design

The following is a 'menu' of services that are available through MLC Design. This listing is intended to serve as an outline only, since it would be difficult to detail the wide variety of tasks we perform on a daily basis.

If you don't see what you need, please ask. If we are not capable of providing the service you require we will be happy to refer you to someone who can assist you!

Print Services

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Graphic Design Services
My goal is effective, affordable print and web design that WORKS for you. Over the past 15 years, I've helped create a wide range of products including: Print/web training materials that are valid, efficient, and reliable; special event materials from wedding invitations to car club announcements and newsletters.

Information Processing
We are highly skilled in Word Processing, Data Processing, Database Management, Spreadsheets and Resume Preparation.

Presentation Preparation
If you need a professional-looking presentation, we can help with preparation of handouts, overheads, flipcharts or PowerPoint slide shows.

We can scan images up to 11 x 14 inches in size. Some three dimensional objects can also be done, call to inquire. Basic rate includes scanning image and saving in preferred format onto media you prefer. Floppy, CD, Zip, or web storage presently available.

Restoration / Retouching / manipulation
Provide digital image files on PC or Mac disks and we can retouch or manipulate as you direct.

Venture off the main trail through Nebraska and discover a diverse landscape, from rolling seas of golden wheat or prairie grass to forested hills, from quiet ghost towns to noisy, bustling cities. Nebraska is said to have the best sunsets, second only to Key West, Florida! These images are spectacular as a print on the wall, or in your printed materials and presentations.

Look through our stock image catalog, find an image you would like for your office or home wall, and we'll print and mat it for you from 4 x 5 inch to 16 x 20 inches. Also available are prints made with alternative processes such as posterization, liquid emulsion on handmade paper, or cyanotype, all done the old-fashioned darkroom way.

Web Services

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Internet Research Assistance
We can search and review Net resources on assigned topics and report the findings in the form you prefer.

Basic HTML
For very basic web page coding that contains company or personal information. Does not include any forms for information gathering or e-mail. We've created hobby and informational websites, online stores, and personal pages.

Custom Graphics
Have an image in your head that you'd like to see on your web site? Tell us about it and we'll come up with what you see.

HTML Conversion
Quickest way to get your business online - convert your current marketing or information materials into web pages. Basic HTML conversion is fairly quick when you can supply the content and images in digital format along with a copy of the printed version.

Let us know your vision for your next marketing campaign, or newsletter, or for your presence on the world wide web and we'll work together to see it happen.

E-mail: design1@mlcltd.com
Phone: 402-435-4905
Address: 3882 Starr Street, Lincoln, NE 68503

Tutorials & Consulting

Basic Software
Available to give basic instruction in word processing, spreadsheet, relational database, page layout, html editors, and graphics software such as MicroSoft Office, Claris/AppleWorks, Microsoft Excel, Quicken, FileMaker, Helix Express, PageMaker, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop among others.

Basic Hardware
Don't know a serial port from a SCSI port? We can help you! From CPUs and monitors, to printers and scanners, we'll help you set up your hardware, and maybe even help you understand what it does!

If you need help understanding what a program or piece of equipment can work for you business or technology needs, give us a call. Figuring out what you need to do the job at hand can be a daunting task. We'll listen to what you need and research to find the right answer for you. Let us be your personal "help desk" for a monthly fee.

E-mail: design1@mlcltd.com
Phone: 402-435-4905
Address: 3882 Starr Street, Lincoln, NE 68503


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