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Golden Web Award Recipient 2003

SkillDrill Pro Qualified


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Background & Training

Martha Johnson
3133 Dudley, Lincoln, NE 68503
(402) 435-4905
EMAIL: mlcltd@mlcltd.com
WEBSITE: www.mlcltd.com
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An experienced graphic designer, photographer, and computer professional. Well organized with a varied background in the visual arts, desktop publishing, marketing, and application programming.

Skills / Experience

Graphic Design
Page layout, traditional and computer / print and Internet
- Software Exp: PageMaker, QuarkExpress, Ready Set, Go, PowerPoint, Presentation

Website Design
Site design, navigation programming, HTML coding
- Software Exp: WYSIWYG & text HTML editors, ftp programs, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Adobe GoLive, Adobe LiveMotion, Dreamweaver

Illustration production, traditional and computer / print and web
- Software Exp: Illustrator, PhotoShop, Color It, FreeHand, CorelDraw, ClarisDraw/Paint

Editing/Word processing
Editing of marketing flyers, catalog copy, training manuals
- Software Exp: Microsoft WORD, WordPerfect, ClarisWorks, Office 97

Computer Related
Relational database applications; hardware/software installation; hardware/software troubleshooting; computer lab help desk, reports from mainframe
Macintosh, Windows, Windows97, MS-DOS, mainframe terminals
Relational Database Application Design
- Software Exp: FileMaker Pro, Helix Express, Alpha5, FoxPro, Q&A, MicroSoft Access


Black & white film development (35mm, 4x5) & printing (up to 16x20) , color printing (up to 11x14), and alternative processes (Liquid Light on handmade paper, posterization, photograms, solarization)

35mm (Ricoh, Canon), medium (Argoflex, Ciroflex), large (Crown Graphic), and panoramic formats (RoundShot 220)

Miscellaneous Media
Video, papermaking, book binding, watercolor, traditional Italian tank marbling, weaving/felting, ceramic sculpture

Education / Qualifications / Certifications

Certified by SkillDrill as HTML 4.0 programmer, 4.11

Sole Proprietor - Ethics Checked Virtual Assistant, Verification No. 01-05-00116

Certified by Brainbench as MS Office Specialist, HTML Specialist, PageMaker Specialist, and Macintosh Power User/Master Level

Bachelor of Fine Arts, (5/91)
Emphasis in Photography, Graphic/Book Design, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Helix Express Applications Development Seminars, I-III (10/90 - 6/92)
Relational database application design and optimization, Helix Technologies, Northbrook, IL

Employment / Clients

PCA, International, Inc. (10/02-01/03)
Responsible for operation of traveling portrait studio, including creation of portrait image; daily records of sittings and sales; accessories and bonus sales records and inventory; care, setup and transportation of portrait studio.

Specialized Office Services, State of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE (3/97 to present)
Nebraska Library Commission (3/97 - present part-time)
Responsible for translating existing documents into HTML for uploading to website.
Staff & Partnership Development, Nebraska Health & Human Services System, Lincoln, NE (3/97 - 5/98)
Responsible for page layout, typesetting, editing, and design duties for production of training manuals, design and production of overheads, visual aids, and handouts for training sessions

Center on Children, Families and the Law, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
Responsible for page layout, typesetting, editing, and design, and production of training manuals, design and production of digital presentations and overheads, visual aids, and handouts for training sessions

Self-employed Designer/Artist - MLC, Ltd. (www.mlcltd.com) (4/97 - present)
Providing business services such as graphic design for print or web; stock, fine art, and assignment photography; specialty paper, cards, and guestbooks - handmade from recycled and plant fibers; paper and fabric marbling.

Personal Project - MLC, Ltd. (www.mlcltd.com) (4/97 - present)
Creation of a web presence for my photography and other interests which included site concept and design, HTML and CGI coding, and graphics production.

Personal Project - 50 by 50, Fifty States Through My 50mm (7/95 - present)
Publication of a pictorial diary about traveling through the United States as seen through my 50mm lens and captured in black and white and color. Photography, book design, letterpress printing, leather bookbinding and bookbox. Publication date is July 2004

MacTemps, Detroit, MI & New York, NY (7/95 - 2/96)
Placed at Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Motor Company, American Printing Company, Maritz Marketing Research, J. Hunt & Fultz, Schlumberger's / Investor Relations, Big Apple Guides, and Columbia House where duties included page layout and design, database design and data entry, designed screen and print forms for database applications, technical/hardware troubleshooting and repair.

Book Artist Richard Minsky, New York, NY (7/95 - 2/96)
Apprentice/Assistant, leather bindings, book boxes, watercolor illustration

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE (4/86 - 6/95)

University of Nebraska Press / Electronic Media Department
Developed information systems; performed software training, computer troubleshooting, hardware/software installation & maintenance, researched/solved platform compatibility solutions

University of Nebraska Press / Marketing Department
Design and coordination of production of catalogs, direct mail materials, liaison with authors on marketing plans, designed database application for tracking marketing activities

Publications / Exhibitions

Public School and University Working Together, The Summer Collaborative Project, CASA 2004 Presentation in New Mexico, Dr. Malinda Eccarius, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Barkley Center, Lincoln, NE. Images of the Great Plains incorporated into presentation.

Johnson Photography Online Gallery, exhibition of stock and fine art photography, showing the Great Plains in a whole new light.

Absolute Arts Premier Portfolio
Since 1995, absolutearts.com and wwar.com have offered the largest collection of artists available on the Internet.

Modern Day Masters
Online Exhibition running from April 1 to June 30, 2001, Modern Day Masters Gallery.

Artemismedia Gallery
Online Exhibition during September 2000 - Featured artist in the Artemismedia Gallery.

The Search for the Ultimate Earth Image
First Round Finalist, EarthDay 2000 celebration in Washington DC, Alchemedia, Magic Valley Sunset

Rogues Harbor
Summer 1996, 461 East Olive Street, Long Beach, NY 11561. Editors: Mary Haring, Lisa Ries, & Corin Hirsch Ent Dance, Refreshment Table, black & white photography

Group Exhibition
1986, Haymarket Gallery, Lincoln, NE Texoma Triptych, black & white photography

References and portfolio available upon request.



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